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Review: Manchester Union Brewery After Dusk Black Lager

To celebrate National Lager Day, I put to the taste test the latest release from Manchester’s Union Brewery.

After Dusk is a 4.5% abv Bohemian-style dark lager which had originally been brewed as a one-off to celebrate Manchester’s We Are Lager festival. Union brewery has now decided to make it again to show its support to Manchester’s music venues during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Albert Hall - Manchester

Each can of the new beer shows pictures of Manchester music venues such as Albert Hall (pictured on the right), Hidden, Band on the Wall, Matt & Phred’s and Mint Lounge. The can features a QR code that links directly to the venue’s website where beer and music enthusiasts can access live-streamed events, radio stations or purchase gig tickets whilst the venue is still close.

Like the brewery’s flagship lager, After Dusk is made through decoction mashing (a brewing technique that characterises traditional Bohemian-style lagers). The result is a classy, malt-forward dark brew that boasts excellent drinkability despite the complex aromatic palette. It pours nearly black with a brownish head; the nose is of liquorice, cola, plum and a touch of winter spices. The palate is round, relatively light, and reveals further flavours of dark cherries and blackberries.



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