Some of my favourite pictures are available to view on my Instagram page (below). There, you can navigate my work by using my unique hashtags: search #jmp_wine for anything wine-themed, #jmp_street for my street photography, and #jmp_bnw for my black and white pictures. More dedicated hashtags include #jmp_drinks, #jmp_travel, #jmp_portrait and #jmp_abstact.

All pictures posted on my Instagram page were taken with my latest gear unless otherwise stated.

Whatever the subject, I like my pictures to feel real and authentic. I only use natural light and, while I truly admire certain photographers' editing skills, I tend to adopt a rather minimalist approach when it comes to post-processing. Rather than using Lightroom or similar, I rely on open-source software to process my images and for some minor tweaks.

In line with my editing ethics, I'm not particularly concerned about the latest gear so I currently shoot with a (relatively) old Nikon D750. I previously used a crop-format Nikon D7200 (which I still love and use as my backup camera body) and a Sony DSC-HX400V. The Sony was my first-ever proper camera, ideal to cut my photography teeths.

For more details on my photography work, please visit the Work with Me page.