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I like my photography to complement my writing whenever possible, particularly when it comes to stories with a travel angle.

My photos have been – and will be – published on the pages of Rum Magazine (print only), Whisky Magazine, Tonic (print only), Topia, Decanter, Good Beer Hunting, CAMRA's BEER Magazine (print only), Harpers Wine & Spirit, and Imbibe.

I regularly publish some of my shots on my Instagram page (below), where they can be explored by subject by clicking on the relevant #jmp tag. These are either thematic (e.g. #jmp_bnw; #jmp_landscape; #jmp_wine#jmp_street), or geographic (e.g. #jmp_georgia; #jmp_lebanon; #jmp_bologna#jmp_newforest).

All pictures were taken with my current gear – a Nikon D750 – unless otherwise stated. Whatever the subject, I like my pictures to feel real and authentic, so I rely on natural light and I adopt a minimalist approach to editing.

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