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London Beer Competition announces 2021 edition winners

The 2021 results of the fourth London Beer Competition (LBC) have been announced.

Abbatiale Genièvre de Houlle from France has been crowned the Beer of the Year award, with an aggregated top score of 96 points, followed by Salt Beer Factory's Ikat, a double IPA from the UK, and Skanderborg Bryghus Great Castrum Imperial IPA from Denmark, both scoring 94 points.

The UK's Salt Beer Factory was awarded the Brewery Of The Year title, Croatia's Hyperbola, by Lepi Dečki Brewery, was given the Best Beer By Value award, while Abbatiale Genièvre de Houlle itself the Best Beer By Package award.

In the competition, beers are judged on the basis of three primary criteria, quality, value, and packaging, each scored on a 100-point scale.

Beers that score 90+ points are awarded Gold medals, while beers that scored 76 to 89 points are awarded Silver medals.

Country category winning beers are Ikat for the UK, Great Castrum for Denmark, Tripel Karmeliet for Belgium, Porter Baltycki Trzech Kumpli for Poland, Bird of Prey IPA for the Netherlands, and Mahou Cinco Estrellas Session IPA for Spain.

Full results of the LBC are available on the competition's website.


Full disclosure: Jacopo Mazzeo acted as a judge for this competition.



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