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Cause a Stir report 2021

I'm briefly stepping away from features, reviews and interviews to announce that the latest Cause A Stir report from creative & communications consultancy firm Hue & Cry is out, featuring contributions from yours truly.

The report explores the trends impacting preference in food, drinks, and travel in 2021; you can take a sneak peek at the content here:


  • Agility and adaptability: key food trends for the year ahead

  • Why is diversification key to success?

  • How will eating out change?

  • What will people be eating?

  • Insights and opportunities for eating in and outside the home in 2021


  • New occasions and expectations: how can brands drive the beverage sector forward in 2021?

  • What will be the biggest drink trends?

  • What will people expect from the on-trade?

  • What will people be drinking?

  • Insight and opportunities for beverage brands in 2021


  • A brighter outlook: key travel trends for the year ahead

  • What will be the biggest travel trend to watch out for?

  • How will people be travelling?

  • Where will people be travelling to?

  • Insights and opportunities for travel brands

The full report can be accessed here.



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